Talking about ignoring something you wanted to do…

This, of course.

Funfact: I’m in the middle of my final exams, and next year will be university…

I might properly start writing here… Cos I’m that stupid.

In the meantime, have epicness:

Yes I’m watching Fairy Tail… episode 80 already.


Right, back to revising/studying/procrastinating ;D


Music that affects you.

(Or me, at least!)

You know those songs, that make you shiver, that make you feel extremely bad-ass, or make you remember past events? Songs that give you a feeling of power, joy or extreme sadness?

Most likely, the answer is yes. This answer opens up a bunch of new questions. What song? Is it the lyrics, the music itself, or the combination? Does it even háve lyrics? (If you want, tell me your favorites in a comment!) If the answer is no, I advise you to listen to proper music for a change.Kidding.

Anywho, I don’t care if you care, but my (current) favorites are past the cut!

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One more thing…

I love how Aion searches still direct here, when I look at my stats.

Smell like a mine, man

Ever wondered what happens when a few people are put together in a world filled with trees, mountains, seas and caves made out of blocks? I can assure you, they will start to cut the trees, climb the mountains, explore the caves, and mine the minerals. And after that? They will build. Castles, pyramids, halls, lighthouses, harbors and houses. And a big waterslide.

Welcome to minecraft. Alpha.

Because in singleplayer, you are alone (guess you couldn’t figure that one out, eh?), and at night, monsters spawn. A hell lot of them, too. So the first thing you do when you wake up in that unknown world is look for a place to hide, to build a shelter, and make sure you have light. Lots of light. Monsters will spawn anywhere it’s dark. Even if that place is your house.

Anyway, back to the multiplayer, where you are invincible, as it is still bugged. Where stairs will glitch, and mine carts will destroy your server! Hooray!
Don’t judge to soon, though! This game is made by a single indie developer, and the singleplayer fully works!
As I said above, the game is still in Alpha, and you can buy it for €10,- ($13,50 I believe), and when it hits beta, it will go to full price. Glad I bought it earlier.

Anyway, this game is now taking most of my time, as we explore, mine, cut and build our way around on the map. Why? Because if you can think of it, you can build it!
And currently, thinking of things to build isn’t all that hard, really. “Why build this?” Because I can.


PS.: Yes, that is an Old Spice reference…damn, those commercials are hilarious.
PPS.: Official Site if you’re interested

Testweek – Part “the rest”

Because I am thát lazy.

All in all, I think it went well…maybe ‘average’ is closer to reality, but I guess we’ll see after the holiday.
Yes, one week off, thank you. Still have a shitload to do, but hey, at least I’ve got time for it now.

The last day of test week (last Friday) was by far the easiest. English reading comprehension test. With 45 minutes of the given 100 left, I started to draw a T-Rex, and when I arrived at his arms, I remembered an article saying that the T-Rex was actually a giant chicken. Or something close to that. Anyway, his arms turned to pathetic wings. Yay for evolution.
I lost the piece of paper that I drew it on, though… guess it”s for the best.



Testweek – part 1

Yes! My math test turned out easy! (As far as that is possible, boring stuff, really.) Only seven more tests to go. As you might know, if you follow me on twitter, History and Computer Science are up next. History is quite the boring story about the founding of Israel, and all the wars around it. True, wars can be really fun to delve into, but this is just a list of the different conflicts, not even chronological. Thank you, History Teacher.

Computer Science on the other hand, is quite a fun story. There had to be a test for it this week (as it is the official testweek for VWO5, VWO6 and HAVO5), but the amount of stuff we covered is minimal. So in the end, we’ll have 100 minutes for a test that will take 30 minutes at max. And then there’s even the fact that it’s not even all that much computer-related, and more about projects in general.

Anyway, after today’s test, where everyone was quite exhausted already (100 minutes in a room full of hard-working people will get quite warm!), we had to wait 20 minutes for a bit of explanation about the last day of our PE, so genially named PE-endday. As it turned out, those 20 minutes became almost 40, and the “short” story they had to tell ended up being just as long as the wait. Way to go, school!

Fresh Start

Allright, for anyone still following this, welcome to the new “Aerann’s Adventures“.

As you might have noticed, everything is gone, my gravatar now shows my real face, and I have changed the theme. Why? Simple. First of all, my Aion subscription has ran out. Secondly, the urge to write about anything that happened in-game was really low, not to mention that my memory failed me quite often, making posts depend on others’ memories. And last but not least, I mainly just forgot to write anything. To do anything, even. But that’s me, I tend to tell myself: Go do this, ending up in not doing anything at all.

Anyway, moving on.
I intend to make this a little more personal, by writing about day-by-day events, things that happen at school, with friends, or on-line (on any game I might be playing at that moment).
But not only that, because I’d also like to share any stories I make up with the world, get some critiques, and level up my writing skills, so to say! I am currently working on something fantasy-ish, but I might just decide to write something completely different as well, so keep an eye out (not literally, please, it would make quite a mess).

If this has caught your attention and got you interested, stay tuned, as new posts will follow! Until then, please comment on this post, saying what you would like to see most!

– Marc